Saturday, 22 August 2015

Subhumans on the rise

The worrying news coming each day from the Middle-East, where a tide of bestiality pushes waves of desperate fugitives on Europe's shores, is becoming a threat not only to the immediate surrounding areas but to the West as a whole. It is not only the number of local young men who have forfeited their humanity in the service of bloodlust, but the increasing flow of psychopaths from the West who replenish the many death blows dealt by the world's military powers. The lust at destruction and killing, including defenseless women and children, cannot be explained by 'historical myths' or desperate circumstances in those long-suffering countries, or by underdeveloped religious orthodoxies; there is ony one explanation left, the most abject and shameful one: these perpetrators have given-up the status of humanity, and even that of animals (who kill to feed themselves, as programmed by primitive nature).

No doubt for these subhumans the kick of experiencing power over other people's life makes it all worthwhile, which merely adds another proof of their insanity: there is nothing to be won by their actions. But I cannot help to sense that the modern world, accessible via the media in every corner of the planet, including the most primitive ones, may have helped to make such bottomless pit of evil possible: a world view in which technology, materialism, greed, physical power is exalted, and in which the fruits of humanism (in both religious and secular forms) which have been developed over the ages in often difficult circumstances, are eroding and often scorned in public space, will close-off possible trajectories to civilization.

The arts often reflect the ideas and myths reigning during the times. Postwar 'new music' and 'concept art', as celebrated in public space (and in Europe, forming state-funded establishments), reflect such a dehumanized world view. No doubt such view helped to create a mental climate in which the subhuman finds his 'ideals'.

Show a hooligan a dehumanized world, and he will feel confirmed in his basest instincts, and will loose no time to develop them.

It is to be hoped that these threats will wake-up and mobilize the forces that have created the West and given it its prominence, and that it will lead to a more active and constructive attempt to preserve the best of civilization and to defend it against the destruction which knocks on the door.

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