Saturday, 1 October 2022

Brodsky about art

 The writer Joseph Brodsky about the meaning of art:

'Art is not a better, but a different existence; it is not an attempt to escape reality, but in contrary an attempt to animate it. Art is the spirit, seeking a body, and finding words.'


Be as thorough as you can be

 What is the difference between German and Viennese thoroughness?

As a sign in Vienna on a closed shop, being rebuilt, explains: 

'Wir wissen noch nicht genau wann wir öffnen aber es wird pünktlich sein.'

(We still don't know precisely when we will be open again, but it will be punctually.)

Thursday, 29 September 2022

Objects for long-term use

'Traditional (artisan) cultures are concerned with the production of OBJECTS for long-term USE. Modernist (industrial) cultures by contrast are concerned with the production of OBJECTS for short-term CONSUMPTION. These produce very different worlds for us to inherit or to live in.'

Classical music is meant for long-term use, since it is based upon universal patterns of perception and experience. It is a product of an artisan culture.

The architect Léon Krier about the confusion of concepts: