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Thursday 28 June 2018


I have read quite a lot about German history and the twenties and thirties, when the dark evil raised its ugly head. This was caused by the bottomless ignorance of people who, criticizing my ideas, think that tradition and especially, something like a classical tradition, is a fascistoid idea and a dangerous reactionary ideology - result of complete unawareness of the deep humanism that classical music represents. Such people think that when Hitler loved classical music, there must be something inherently evil in that art form. (He was also a vegetarian, loved dogs and did not smoke - must I eat steaks every day, kick every dog I meet and must I smoke havannas to show that I'm not a fascist?)

Today, a pre-fascist atmosphere blows through the Western world, which is something so incredible that it needs quite some adjustment to get to take-in the full reality of it. Here is an article which brings it clearly to the point, and I can vouchsafe that the process of today by which fascistoid actions try to undo civilization, are exactly those which were the tactics of the nazis in the last, very dark century. Only a combined effort of all people who realize the nature of the slippery slope the West is on, can prevent repetition of the worst. It is by far not too late, but the early signs of the type of evil have to be recognized. Better to be warned too much than not enough.

Monday 25 June 2018

Regressive progress

If someone would still doubt the infinite craziness of the 'established' art world, with its 'art historians' trying to explain the obvious, then an article in The Atlantic will quench any such doubts.

"By 1982, Basquiat’s use of color, surface, and line had grown more confident. (Untitled [1982], acrylic and oil on linen."