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Saturday 20 March 2021

Free speech or/and thought?

Interesting article on a Kierkegaard quote:

"People demand freedom of speech as a compensation for the freedom of thought which they seldom use."

Stemming from observations from the 19th century. Not much has changed, it seems. 

Musings by a very intelligent young student in India:


Saturday 13 March 2021

Suicidal ignorance

The BBC wants to give activities which have nothing to do with art, the veneer of great artistic achievement, stolen from the Italian Renaissance.

Revealing video in which an entirely ignorant idea about art is projected into the past: in the Renaissance, great art was not the result of the talents and visions of one artist, but a 'product of a collaboration'. It is a narrative meant to undermine the achievements of artists in the past to justify later nonsense, so that the difference is not all too visible. Of course the nazis and the Bauhaus pass along, to suggest the liberation and creativity of modernist 'thinking' from the background of reactionary terror, and to give corporate engineering the veneer of highbrow artistic expression.


The 'collaboration' in the past of artists and patrons was of a fundamentally different kind than the 'modern collaborations' as touched upon in the video. The artist transformed ideas which were circulating among the elites into a palpable work of art, which could only exist because of the individual artistic talents and vision of the artists. The 'artistic collaborations' in the last century however, were a way to compensate for the emptiness, lack of artistic ideas, of the people involved, and to make 'creative work' more 'objective', to empty it of 'subjective' input by a human individual, to streamline 'art' into something like science and engineering and business. Of course such ideas can only enter into a head entirely ignorant of art, creativity, understanding of the human psyche.

This entirely misleading garbage would merely be a laughable attempt by some private mentally-challenged club, but it is shared with the general public on the BBC website and presented as fact. Sign of the times: ignorance, populism, modernism go hand in hand. It is a form of barbarism, born in the heart of Western civilization, and entirely ignorant that it is undermining its own spirit and culture.