Monday, 12 December 2022

Woke art

The degree of confusion about value, context, aesthetics, history we find in woke is stunning. Now there is American painting supposed to contribute to a 'new canon' - read: replace the top painters of the past with contemporary painters who better answer the requirements of social justice of today:

Let it be clear that the ethical motivation behind such painting is entirely justified: there is no reason why subjects which were more or less shunned in the past could not be subjects of representation in contemporary painting, any subject is justified as long as it contributes to the art form. (With this, a majority of modern art falls deep into the abyss of oblivion.)

But the claims are ridiculous and the paintings as shown in this article are of a sorry artistic level when compared to the historical lineage where they are supposed to be anchored to: 

"I am interested in creating images within and beyond those contextual structures to anchor them in a timeless historical lineage." 

This trend of 'woke art' has taken-on the character of ideology, based not upon artistic values but on ideas which in themselves have nothing to do with art.

Great art in the past transcended the subject, thereby turning it into timeless statements about the human condition. Without artistry, this is impossible.

We live in a time period when anything but artistry is hailed as 'relevant', with claims that are utterly ridiculous if they were not so painful. Here, the ignorance of cultural history is laid bare in embarrassing fashion. 

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