Saturday, 22 August 2015

Barenboim's authority questioned

On the informative website 'Slipped Disc', where much interesting information can be found on a daily basis, thanks to the tireless efforts of music journalist and author Norman Lebrecht, a discussion exploded about the influence of french composer Pierre Boulez, one of the arch fathers of postwar modernism, who together with his collegues created an entirely new art form based upon pure sound. Famous conductor Daniel Barenboim exposed his misunderstanding of what a musical tradition in reality is, with his assertion that Boulez had changed the musical world, obviously intended to mean that PB had positively contributed to music life as a composer and conductor. Of course, such assertion invites for serious critique, the more so because Barenboim is a great conductor and will be seen by many people as a fountain of wisdom, which is - as we know - not necessarily related to musical prowess.

Some time before, another PB controversy stimulated debate:

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