Thursday, 15 June 2017

Martyrs of modernity

The news of the catastrophic fire in W-London, where numerous people - including children - burned to death in front of powerless onlookers, is something that is etched deep in the mind and heart.  As is usual nowadays, a BBC TV overview of the disaster, a collection of the most horrendous moments and stories, was accompanied by a track of luke-warm limonade pop music with a rhythm box pulse - what goes through the minds of people arranging such things?

Curiously, amidst the many speculations about the cause and reports of concerns about the tower block previously expressed (and, typically, not acted upon by the responsible party), there was not one single comment upon the idea of having such blocks built at all. Square, faceless cumulations of apartments to get people housed, rising high up in the air but surrounded by empty space, is an absurd way of urban planning. And, as we see, for many reasons not a practical or even safe one, in spite of the impression of 'modern efficiency' that such buildings are intended to emanate. It is like locking people away in crates, and when something goes wrong, they are helplessly trapped. All those victims who lost their lives in this tragic event are, in fact, martyrs of a wrongly understood modernity. The many immigrants living there, indicate that it was, as usual, the people with minimum means who had to accept such living conditions. Shame on the UK, shame on London authorities, shame on all those designers and architects and property owners who prefer money above human life - this tower block is an appropriate symbol of those evil fallacies.

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