Wednesday, 3 May 2017

The end of Boulezbianism

The French new-tonal composer Nicolas Bacri got an all-Bacri concert by the French Radio Orchestra on 27th of April. This signifies a definite break with the Boulezbian domination of modernism in the French new music establishment:  


  1. Why do you refer to it as "Boulezbianism" rather than "Boulezianism"?

  2. Boulez, being a brilliant sonic artist, deserves the best sonic qualities where his name is used in a conceptual context. 'Boulezianism' sounds feeble, passive, beginning with a short acoustic explosion and then quickly fizzling-out in a rustling sound ('Boo - lezzia - nizzm'). The extra 'B' adds another short blip of energy to the word to compensate for that, since the man was a tough cooky. Other consonants do sound less convincing (Boulezwianism, Bouleztianism) or inappropriate (Boulezpianism). But the adjective 'Boulestique' sounds good too.