Saturday, 22 October 2016

Regional Europe

You don't have to be an academic, or a politician, or a political scientist to understand that the European Union is in an existential crisis, and that the European nation states are not capable and not suited to handle the problems which concern every European nation in itself. As I see it, many of the EU problems are not caused by its structure alone, but by the fact that the nations have - out of free will - surrendered some of their sovereignty to the EU and then, where problems arise, want to act nationally without taking the interests of other countries into account, thus working against the very idea of the EU. No wonder that the complex structure of the EU gets stuck regularly.

Elsewhere on this blog I have argued that the idea of dissolving the nation states into regions, which are united in a European federal state, would offer workable alternatives to the current state of affairs. Now, some people have already thought along these lines, as mentioned in the Wiener Zeitung:

Dr Ulrike Guérot has written about such idea and developed it into an organisation:


Wholeheartedly recommended.

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