Friday, 12 February 2016

Psychopathology rewarded

A scientifically-inclined organization, BBVA Foundation Frontiers of Knowledge, has awarded a self-taught Greek sonic artist, Georges Aperghis, with a nice compensation for his efforts of  € 400.000,--. This ‘Award in the Contemporary Music Category’ was justified by Mr Aperghis’ ‘reinventing musical theatre and taking it in entirely new directions’.

Further explications state: ‘He has opened up a unique path in the territory of musical theatre employing new scenic devices whereby everything becomes music, starting from the performer’s gestures and including sounds made by scenic elements or objects used as percussion instruments.’

As we know, science and art are two very different things, but scientifically-inclined organizations are the last to notice. No wonder, then, that a club like this BBVA (Baptistery for the Benefit of the Vandalism of Art) are under the impression that products informed by mental illness, named after an artist (aperghis syndrome), deserve an award, especially if the syndrome is recognized and supported by the Institute for the Research of Crazy Anomalies in Males (IRCAM).


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