Tuesday, 2 July 2019

Modernity as a religion

What could be considered, in general, the tenets of 'the modern outlook' in today's world?

  1. Humans are in one category and nature is in another.
  2. Scale doesn’t matter.
  3. History can be safely ignored since modern society has seen through the delusions of the past.
  4. Science is a unified, coherent field that explains the rational principles by which we can manage the physical world.

This superficial view of the world is not shared by serious scientists, or serious cultural 'entrepreneurs', or any person gifted with a serious form of intelligence. The results of the damages done by such views in the territory of the arts, can be seen all around us today. But the dangers of this type of 'modernity' are much greater. 

In fact, this 'modernity' is a narrow-minded version of the concept, and stems from times when naivety reigned supreme - the postwar faith in technological progress, not hindered by a deeper understanding of human nature and nature in general, and of human history, including the history of the arts and their meaning for our civilization.

An intelligent article on the website of 'Resilience':



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