Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Killing innocence

Who thinks that the profoundly evil practice of training children for war, for killing, for handling rifles and granades, for cutting the throats of enemies, only takes place in the darkest corners of underdeveloped sub-Sahara Africa, has not as yet discovered the new strategy of Russia's regime to encourage families to send their kids to 'summer camps' where they are prepared for the coming wars, all under the disguise of 'stimulating patriotism'. There is an increasing militarisation going-on in this thoroughly-frustrated country, that once figured as one of the great cultures of Europe, with a very impressive harvest of literature, poetry, ballet, music and philosophy. The president hands-out rewards to Russian artists, showers them with medals, money and honors, and the gullable and vain victims of this obvious attempt at recrutement accept with pleasure: 'Finally politicians who care about art!' (Gergiev)

Why are the young being prepared for war? One despairs about the human frailty of mind and soul. It is in the interest of the Russian regime, which becomes more and more authoritarian, that the population believes its existence, its country - Mother Russia - is under threat from the evil West. Of course we know that Russia is not threatened by the West, it is the regime who feels threatened by the closeness of nations where not nepotism, oligarchy, and mere power reigns, but the rule of law, democracy and freedom for its citizens. Hysteria, paranoia, and flagrant lies are the best preparations for catastrophe, which means that the Russian regime plays with fire and is dangerous not only for its own population, but for Europe as well. As a recent German research TV documentary showed, Russia pays the extremist rightwing parties in Europe, who want to destroy the EU and to return to the nationalist narratives of division, exclusion, and the rejection of human rights which forms the basis of the current asylum policies. A divided and rightwing Europe where opposition and civility is stamped-out, is for Russia a better neighbour - in short, a Europe more or less like Russia itself. In spite of the overwhelming availability of information, a majority of Russian people prefer to live in unreality, lies, emotional mist, and seeing those entirely ignorant children happily marching through the woods, complete with uniform, rifle, and branches-as-disguise on their helmet, encouraged by 'friendly' uniformed adults, is extremely painful. The German TV documentary interviewed a nice lady representing the government, who instructed the young groups daily about their love for the country, the country that served them and which they in turn had to serve when the time was there. All delivered with the most friendly and matter-of-course air of absolute conviction. So: lying, brainwashing, indoctrination and finally blackmailing with the instruments having nested in the innocent souls. Satan himself could not have found a more intricate, evil process of soul destruction.

In the future, there will be eager masses, ready to storm the borders of the West where they imagine the Greatest Enemy of the Fatherland is plotting its downfall.

Freedom, civilization, the rule of law, human rights - the great enemies of the Russian regime: demonstrating the barbarious heart of the ruling elite, disguised with 'patriotism' and 'cultural stimulation'. I don't believe Russians are, as if by nature, aggressive people - they are the inheritants of a great culture and a great political crime - 70 years of communism. But it is stunning to see the readiness with which a majority is prepared to be brainwashed and indoctrinated.


Addendum September 2016:

Also in W-Europe there are children being prepared for violence, in this case: a small but nonetheless alarming number of salafist parents 'educate' their children to fight against 'non-believers', which has been discovered at schools where children enthusiastically declare they want to become jihadist warriors, and happily draw pictures full of bloody violence. The police in Franfurt-am-Main warns for a new generation of violence-prone youngsters, and advises to find these problem-families and take the children out. The mind boggles....


 Addendum December 2016:

"Putin's land retains only nominal links with communism, and has been transformed into an authoritarian gangster society, much less dangerous than the old Soviet Union partly because it is smaller, and also because its leaders seek only personal wealth and power, rather than to promote an ideology. Even the cruelties are much reduced: the occasional enemy of the state is murdered in the street by hired killers, but dissidents are no longer executed by hundreds and thousands in state prisons.... or in the forests of Katyn."

So, there is supposed to be - in the long run - something like 'progress'?  The barbarism has slightly decreased. Obviously there is still a very long way to go for the millions of misled Russians.

Source: article in The Spectator:

Addendum January 2018:

If someone still doubts whether Russia's regime is actively trying to undermine the civilizational consensus in Europe, achieved with so much effort and patience and still not 'finished', it may be worth reading a well-researched article in Eurozine, which concludes:

"There is ample evidence that, for many years, various Russian pro-Kremlin actors have tried to exert influence on political processes in the West with the help of western illiberal activists and politicians."


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